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Corporate Social Responsibility

Door to door mobile van for pediatric eye screening in urban slum areas benefitting children with refrective errors and visual impairment.

Community Water Plant implement by Tandurust Bharat Foundation, as initiative by Eureka Forbes Limited at Parnali village in Boisar benefitting 2000 users.

Provision of water purifiers, each of capacity 120 litre have been procured and installed from CSR registered entity, Tandarust Bharat Foundation of Eureka Forbes Limited benefiting 4500 school students with pure and hygienic drinking water.

Education and hostel facility of deaf and dumb students, providing two special rooms.

Scholarship programme for children with leaning difficulties at The Gateway School of Mumbai, which is a non-profit school.

Acquisition of medical equipment named Flexible Chip-on tip video endoscope, providing medical aid to more than 1500 patients annually at Tata Memorial Hospital.

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