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s d fine-chem limited takes immense pride in our relationship with our esteemed customers. We, as a chemical manufacturing company, proudly boast of our domestic as well as our overseas global operations. Adding value to our customers is our mission statement. It is our careful flow of controlled and gradual organizing of activities, that leads to the outcome which is customer focused.

Our workplace is where a task gets done in the interest of quality, productivity, and the creation of a product that our customers demand. Everything that we do from decision-making to problem-solving with resource optimization helps us in creating our own specialization. This specialization leads to perpetuation that we have been preserving for more than four decades. As the scholastic propounding contractual theory keeps family in the core, similarly we place our customer in at the centre while creating products and services through our specialization.

We are the market leader in the lab chemicals manufacturing domain. We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing units. We are one of the largest southeast Asian lab chemical and commodity chemical manufacturers in India. We have 8000+ products in our product portfolio.

  • International superior quality offered bya fully Indian entity, in sync with complete ‘Make in India' drive of GOI
  • The most extensive lab-chem Infrastructure in India: 2 Factories each of 25,000 sq. meters Manufacturing & Testing facilities, handled by 400+ adept personnel
  • 8000+ products with multiple SKU maintained regularly from grams to tons scale
  • Widespread Distribution Network: 200+ distributors and 4 depots pan India
  • Comprehensive range of products - 2500+ Specialty, Rare & Research fine chemicals with customized specification for R & D, QC, Pilot scale & Commercial Production
  • Microbial testing in efficient Microbiology lab; Culture Handling & Microbial Limit test under Laminar Air flow. Suitability for microscopy staining indicators /solution.
  • Top-notch imported & customized packaging for specialized & Hazardous chemicals
  • Dynamic Sales team and back office Technical support and assistance

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